Unique Rainy Day Activities for Kids

November 16, 2012 | bridge

Rainy days can offer a quiet, intimate chance for parents to bond with their children. Instead of placating your kids with movies or video games, try out some of these creative indoor projects:

Board games are a fun, easy go-to idea but to extend the fun, challenge your kids to create their own board games. Get them started by talking about the elements of their favorite games then supply them with basic art supplies like crayons, paper, and cardboard. This activity lets children be creative and active, while encouraging cooperation between siblings. The whole family can then enjoy the kid’s likely zany new game. 

Learn magic tricks. Have a few books on hand or do a quick internet search in a pinch. Most basic, child-friendly tricks entail objects you probably already have lying around the house that can take on fun, new meanings. After your mini-magicians have a few tricks up their sleeve, put on a show complete with costumes and custom-made stage.  
Make a mural. Roll out a long piece of butcher paper provide your kids with an assortment of writing utensils. You can suggests summer or sunny themes or just let your kid’s imagination run wild on the large scale.

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