Quick Lunch Ideas to Take to Work

December 13, 2012 | bridge

As convenient as it may be, buying lunch every day during your lunch break can be pricey and also unhealthy. Relying too heavily on fast, processed foods will take its toll on both your body and your wallet, but it may be challenging to think of quick and easy lunch ideas to take with you to the office. Well, you’re in luck – below are some ideas of easy meals that you can enjoy at work!

The Snack Pack – If you prefer to snack all day long, rather than have a big lunchtime meal, keep lots of finger foods and snacks handy that you can quickly pack for work. Fresh fruit, string cheese, almonds, yogurt, olives, rice cakes, and carrot sticks are just a few healthy and simple ideas for your lunch box.

Hearty Helping – A super quick, and filling, lunch option is soup. Opt for one that has both veggies and protein, but stay away from cream bases – they have tons of extra calories. Chili and stew are your best bet if you want something both healthy and filling.

Leftovers – If you prefer home cooked goodness, but don’t have time in the morning to prep your lunch, pack last night’s leftovers! Make a little extra for dinner and set it aside – then, you’ll always have a fresh, homemade meal on hand for lunch.

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