CycleBar Is a New Place to Break a Sweat in Doral

July 18, 2017 | bridge

The spin classes at CycleBar Doral aren't like your average sweat session at the gym. For one thing, your CylcleStar instructor won't be fumbling around with an iPhone to set the soundtrack. CycleBar boasts an in-house audio system that pulls from the Cloud, so each instructor can design his or her own playlists wherever they are and access them remotely from the front of the classroom.

Also, don't expect that spin classroom to look like the typical studio. CycleBar's studio, dubbed the CycleTheatre, plays host to multiple tiers that fit 55 custom spin bikes. With the lights turned down low, the beats turned way up, and the two massive screens at the front of the classroom displaying your stats, CycleBar spin classes feel like a cross between a night out clubbing and a serious workout. Since the studio just opened in June, take advantage of first-timer pricing when you visit CycleBar.

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